Movement as medicine.

Movement Studio Melbourne
Movement Studio® guides people towards the discovery that human movement is essential to leading happy, healthy and pain-free lives.

Movement Studio® is a committed collective of health professionals. These individuals get their kicks, frankly, by supporting their community to move freely, unrestricted by pain or discomfort.
Movement Studio Melbourne
A collective of health professionals that are committed to getting their community on track using movement as medicine and to support each other in their health goals.

Movement Studio helps people discover the importance of human movement in leading a happy, healthy and pain-free life.

Why choose Movement Studio?

No nonsense diagnosis and treatment.
We base our health and wellness foundation solidly on an evidence-based philosophy and measurable patient outcomes.
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A commitment to the highest level of clinical treatment.
How does Movement Studio® ensure our patients receive the best and most up to date care and modalities? By only enlisting the services of practitioners who maintain the highest level of clinical skills and professional development. Anything less is just not how we roll.
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We practice what we preach.

The team at Movement Studio® use and advocate for every technique and lifestyle adaptation they prescribe. This may also explain why we are all so gosh darn attractive.

  • We regularly see our fellow health professionals for treatment!
  • We eat a diet based on whole, locally sourced, organic (where available) foods.
  • We are all enthusiastic participants in local sporting and cultural activities that keep us active and moving!
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A collaborative working relationship towards your health.
If the services provided at Movement Studio® are not suitable for you, we will refer you on to a health professional that can help. Because frankly, our patient's needs are our primary focus.
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Live pain free with Chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care
Whether your trauma is from back in the day when you fancied yourself a bit of a skater, or perhaps more recently when you took a tumble and landed on your behind while trying to mark your kids' footy, Chiropractic treatment can restore function to your musculoskeletal system.

A fully functioning musculoskeletal system can help you live a pain free like, full of potential. It cannot cure embarrassment. Or help you land an ollie.

Improve range of motion with Graston Technique®.

Graston Technique®
While under Chiropractic care, soft tissue therapies like Graston Technique® can relieve and prevent pain, improve your range of motion, aid in rehabilitation and optimise the benefits felt from manual Chiropractic adjustments.

Restore and maintain soft tissue with Myo and Massage.

Myo and Massage
Myo and massage help to reduce pain, improve range of motion of the muscles and joints, and also providing restoration and maintenance to the soft tissue structures of the body.

Movement Store.

Now Open

The Movement Store
Can’t get to the studio? Now you can get therapeutic relief in the comfort of your own home with a bit of a Movement Studio flavour. Maybe make yourself a cuppa, sit on your most comfy couch, close your eyes and imagine you’re here… then start shopping!

You can purchase all that we offer, except our hands-on care, via the store and from the comfort of your home. Or your car (while taking some time from kid wrangling). Or on the loo. Whatever works for you.

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Movement Studio Melbourne
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