Movement Studio Melbourne.

Movement Studio Melbourne is...
A collective of health professionals, committed to getting our community to move, and to support one another to achieve their health goals.
Dedicated to showing people the importance of human movement and THE facilitator of a happy, healthy and pain free life.
A warm, welcoming, friendly, calming space, filling the senses with notes of timber, leather and lush green plant life. You may want to stay for longer than your appointment! And that would be okay with the Movement Studio team.
An unexpected place to get a truly great coffee.

Movement Studio Approach

It would be lovely if manual therapies and treatments fixed everything, in a flash. This may have happened once, for someone's brother's best friends wife's cousin. It is the exception, however, rather than the typical experience.  What we do, as individuals, every day, is what matters most. Manual therapy is just PART of a lifestyle focused on healthy movement. At Movement Studio, we aim to empower people with the tools to achieve better health outcomes for themselves!

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We are open for face-to-face Chiropractic, Myotherapy and Massage appointments.
Telehealth appointments are also available.
Movement Studio is open from 8am till 7pm Monday to Thursday, 8am - 12pm Saturdays.
You're more than welcome to drop in or call us  - though we've also got a super convenient way for you to make an appointment online using the Book Now buttons below.
Our studio is filled with welcoming people who are willing and able to help - oh, and we also make a decent coffee!
Always remember to do what moves you.
No nonsense diagnosis and treatment.
We base our health and wellness foundation solidly on an evidence-based philosophy and measurable patient outcomes.
A collaborative working relationship towards your health.
If the services provided at Movement Studio are not suitable for you, we will refer you on to a health professional that can help.
A commitment to the highest level of clinical treatment.
How does Movement Studio® ensure our patients receive the best and most up to date care and modalities? By only enlisting the services of practitioners who maintain the highest level of clinical skills and professional development. Anything less is just not how we roll.
We practice what we preach.

The team at Movement Studio® use and advocate for every technique and lifestyle adaptation they prescribe. This may also explain why we are all so gosh darn attractive!

  • We regularly see our fellow health professionals for treatment!
  • We eat a diet based on whole, locally sourced, organic (where available) foods.
  • We are all enthusiastic participants in local sporting and cultural activities that keep us active and moving!
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