Are you (actually) broken?

Posted at 7 May 2019 in , by Graham Rock

Are you broken?
Probably not as much as you think you are.

Pain like many of the other senses we have is just made up of inputs and outputs produced by our brains. We should think of pain as like a parking sensor; there’s no point for it to go off if you’ve already smashed into another car... it’ll start going off just before you’ve done catastrophic damage.

Rest and recallibrate

The problem with this is, the more that sensor goes off, the more sensitive the sensor becomes. It can produce signals a lot earlier and a lot stronger the more times you put yourself in pain, without giving yourself the proper time to rest, strengthen or properly manage the issue.

The power of mind and body working together

The human body is amazingly resilient, we can do weird and wonderful things, given the right path put in front of us.

The brain on the other hand can sometimes be a little too over protective in trying to look out for us.

Train your brain, train your pain

All pain is real and it's not as simple as 'thinking the pain away' to make it disappear; it requires the right training and management to start moving you towards decreasing the inputs produce by the brain and allowing the body to start strengthening areas affected by it. After resolving the pain the real work can begin, by strengthening your body and educating yourself to prevent the issue from reoccurring again in the future.

This can be done in so many ways from strength and conditioning, pilates, movement training and talking to primary and complementary health care providers out there including Chiropractors, Myotherapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise Physiologists and so on.

Being 'broken' ain't all it's cracked up to be

There are many people out there willing to support and treat you but the first step is to be proactive and try not to relate everything back to you being 'broken'.

If you'd like to reset your gauge on what 'broken' really means and would like to get a professional's opinion, you can book an appointment with Julius @ Movement Studio. He's available Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 8-12PM.

Graham Rock
Graham Rock
Dr Graham is a manual adjusting Chiropractor that utilises multiple techniques and modalities to get the best result for his patients during their appointments. Dr Graham also utilises several soft tissue techniques to compliment his patients’ musculoskeletal adjustments.
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