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What is Graston Technique®?

Posted: 22 Jan 2018
As a chiropractor I have the pleasure of seeing patients of all types in my studio. Most respond well to the style of chiropractic care I provide, but there are always […]
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Chiropractic for Extremities

Posted: 2 Jan 2018
“Chiropractors are just spine doctors, right?” I may be going out on a limb here, but let me just stop you right there... This is a question I get asked almost daily […]
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Graston Technique Instruments: GT5

Posted: 20 Aug 2016
The GT5 or the Boomerang Graston Technique's GT5 or the "boomerang" is the little brother of GT1. They both have a single beveled, concave treatment edge, which is fantastic for the […]
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Graston Technique Instruments: GT1

Posted: 13 Aug 2016
Time to bring out the big guns! GT1 is the largest instrument in the Graston Technique family, and it is my go-to when I have a large area to assess […]
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Graston Technique Instruments: GT3

Posted: 30 Jul 2016
Are you ready for the tongue depressor? Welcome to my second of six posts highlighting each the Graston Technique (GT) instruments! Today we'll be looking at GT3, AKA the 'tongue depressor'. […]
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Graston Technique Instruments: GT4

Posted: 25 Jul 2016
An introduction to Graston Technique If you're already a patient of mine you will be very familiar with Graston Technique (GT) and how I use it, but there are many […]
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