Chiropractic or Anti-Inflammatory Drugs?

Posted at 27 September 2016 in , by Graham Rock

Do you have lower back pain?

Should you take anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren/Diclofenac) or should you see a chiropractor?

This is an important question and too often the answer is poorly informed, especially of those skeptical of chiropractic. As a modern chiropractor, I try my absolute hardest to keep my practice evidence based. I am always looking for updates to the scientific literature so I can provide best practice standards for my patients. Thankfully, some recent, high quality research has provided some great insight as to what is better for acute low back pain; an adjustment, or over the counter drugs.

Using science to make the best decision

To make sense of this research, I have given you a summary that can be understood in around 30 seconds, rather than ploughing through the whole article, which can take hours - you're welcome!

If you have low back pain, I urge you to see your local chiropractor before considering anti-inflammatory drugs. As the literature shows, it if far more effective and ultimately addresses the cause of your pain rather than the consequences.

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Graham Rock
Graham Rock
Dr Graham is a manual adjusting Chiropractor that utilises multiple techniques and modalities to get the best result for his patients during their appointments. Dr Graham also utilises several soft tissue techniques to compliment his patients’ musculoskeletal adjustments.
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