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Posted at 19 October 2021 in , by Yvette Willison

Are you feeling 'Lockdown-weary'? News.com.au and iSelect reckon you're not alone. They suggest looking into what extras your health insurance covers to help with recovery.

Dr Graham recently spoke with Kirsten from News.com.au to give his take on why people come to see him (and the other amazing practitioners at Movement Studio) for Chiropractic treatment. He mentions seeing a big increase in stress and tension related concerns from patients.

Dr Graham also says he's noticing a trend of younger patients seeking out treatment.

“We found people really want to be active in preventing and avoiding a relapse of their back or neck pain and most people chose to undergo either maintenance or supportive treatment.”

Dr Graham Rock, www.news.com.au

With restrictions easing in the coming weeks, everyone at Movement Studio hopes that our extended community is doing well.

We're here to support you.

Yvette Willison
Yvette Willison
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