Graston Technique Instruments: GT3

Posted at 30 July 2016 in , by Graham Rock

Are you ready for the tongue depressor?

Welcome to my second of six posts highlighting each the Graston Technique (GT) instruments!

Today we'll be looking at GT3, AKA the 'tongue depressor'.

So you've read all about GT4 and how it's typically the first instrument I use to identify soft tissue lesions, well GT3 is usually the next in line. As you can see, it looks very different to the GT4 - it works completely differently too! The actual treatment surface is much smaller, and this is GT3's secret- it allows very precise manipulation of the soft tissue. Think of GT3 as like a pencil; precise, good feedback of subtle lesions, whereas GT4 would be more like a paint roller.

Trigger points and taut hands...

GT3 is typically my go-to instrument for trigger points or taut hands, I use the single bevelled edge to precisely work trough the lesion in an attempt to restore the original morphology to the tissue.

The many uses for Graston Technique tool GT3

Some other common uses for GT3 in my office:

  • Knee ligaments

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • TMJ dysfunction

  • Tennis/golfers elbow

  • Post-surgical scarring

  • Biceps tendonopathy

As with all GT instruments, GT3 can sometimes be a little uncomfortable when used on really angry (tender) lesions but any discomfort is only for a short period of time (30 seconds to a minute) whereas using the traditional thumb or knuckle method takes 5-10 minutes with considerably more discomfort and bruising. This is why Graston Technique is so effective- quicker treatment time, less pain and most importantly better results!

So there's GT3- Stay tuned for my rundown on GT5!

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Graham Rock
Graham Rock
Dr Graham is a manual adjusting Chiropractor that utilises multiple techniques and modalities to get the best result for his patients during their appointments. Dr Graham also utilises several soft tissue techniques to compliment his patients’ musculoskeletal adjustments.
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