Dr Graeme Massager

Dr Graeme Massager

Professional Strength General Purpose Massager

 *Purchasing a Dr Graeme Massager also requires a Telehealth appointment if you're not currently a patient at Movement Studio.

No, it's not our Dr Graham but another pretty impressive Dr Graeme from Gippsland who brought this crazy-good massager into the world.

It's not as sleek as some of the most recent players in the market but the thing with this incredible machine is:

A) It's not going to deafen you while you operate it, you can even go as far as using it while watching television uninterrupted by ear-splitting chatter - BONUS!

B) It's actually works really well. Hold this bad boy on a pressure point and watch it melt away before your tear-streaked, squinty eyes. I said it worked, I didn't it?!

C) The pressure can be modified according to your preference and tolerance and also comes with a number of different massage heads, depending on the body part you're looking to pummel.

D) It's plug-in powered, so no infuriating batteries to recharge after half a use.

You'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner!



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