Elastic Exercise Band Set


 Elastic Exercise Band Set 

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No home gym? No worries!

No idea? It's all good, because you can exercise with these multi-talented bands from home with some guidance from our clinicians.

Get a full body workout with the full set of Movement Store Elastic Exercise Bands and help your muscles remember what it was like to move beyond a hunt for the television remote or doing laps of the Woolies aisles.

A workout with these bands assisting can be as gentle or as invigorating as you choose; it's a choose your own adventure for your musculoskeletal system... sort of. If you've got a good imagination.

A plethora of band-based exercises are currently populating YouTube and all the free and paid apps and a Movement Studio take on things will be arriving soon - watch this space!

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and add these to your home gym (or the living room/study/playroom/garage) and get started.



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