Fabric Resistance Band Set


Fabric Resistance Band Set

Light | Medium | Strong

Don't you just hate it when someone gives you advice, you don't take it and then when you come to the realisation that they might have been onto something a little voice in your head - not even from your mate - says, 'they're going to say I told you so...' And you immediately cringe and wonder to yourself why you didn't just do the thing.

Fabric resistance bands. Chronic lower back pain. Clams.*

This is the thing. I did the thing and now do the thing more often. Low and behold, less lower back pain... (until I stop doing the thing).

Fabric resistance bands can be used for a multitude of other strength and rehabilitation exercises; either make an appointment in the studio with one of our clinicians or book a Telehealth consult for them to walk you through the basics via video call.

*This information does not constitute health advice as each individual is different and an individuals results do not guarantee results for you.


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