Movement Ritual Box


Movement Ritual Box


"We evolve under conditions of constant motion..." Dr John Medina

Our brains need three things to stay alive (and thrive!):

  1. Oxygen
  2. Energy
  3. Stimuli

Stimuli comes from all sorts of sources (not just Netflix and CandyCrush) but what most of our ten-trillion nerve-ending cells crave is MOVEMENT!

Movement can:

  • increase the functionality of joints
  • assist in better sleep
  • resolve sources of pain
  • improve mental health

Enter: The Movement Ritual Box

from Movement Store

This gift box (you can totally gift yourself good health!) is a curated collection of exercise, rehabilitation and recovery items to make movement a self-care ritual you integrate into your daily life.

The Movement Ritual Box contains:

  • A set of three (3) Movement Store fabric resistance bands
  • Two Movement Store elastic exercise bands
  • A trigger point massage ball
  • A set of two toe spacers
  • A 100ml topical Magnesium Chloride spray
  • Various Movement Store and Studio swag

Why Movement as a Ritual?

Gone are the days of your healthcare practitioner handing you a crumbled A4 page of 'exercises' to perform as your homework between appointments. No one ever did them and no one was ever enthused about prescribing them.

Movement, playing with movement and understanding your body is VITALLY important in your journey towards recovery and health - so we're giving it the kudos and the rebrand it deserves.

Ritual is the performance of a series of actions according to a prescribed order, and it's of great importance. Think fancy clothes, special objects, chanting, music and celebration... so, in this context it's your activewear (or whatever you find comfortable), the Ritual Box from Movement Store, belting out a bop while listening to your 150BPM playlist and generally smashing a work out or recovery session.




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