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Dr Graham Rock | Movement Studio Melbourne

Dr Graham Rock, Chiropractor

B.H.Sc. Chiropractic B.Chiro, B.Sc.(Chiro), B.Sc.(Human Biology)


Dr Graham is a manual-adjusting Chiropractor that utilises multiple techniques and modalities to get the best result for his patients during their appointments.


Dr Graham also utilises several soft tissue techniques to compliment his patients’ musculoskeletal adjustments.

Dr Erin Ponton | Movement Studio Melbourne

Dr Erin Ponton, Chiropractor

B.H.Sc. Chiropractic M. Clinical Chiropractic


Dr Erin is a gentle manual-adjusting Chiropractor that utilises multiple techniques and modalities to get the best result for her patients during their appointments.


Dr Erin has a great rapport with families and children and enjoys assisting people achieve optimal health through Chiropractic care.

Full Service List


Initial Chiropractic Consult

Your Initial Chiropractic Consult involves taking a full health history, a physical examination, including both neurological and orthopaedic testing and a discussion about why you chose to see a Chiropractor.


Posture Assessment and Correction

Usually conducted as part of an Initial Chiropractic Consultation, or within review appointments, x-rays and physical testing can be utilised to determine any musculoskeletal issues and appropriate treatment.


Standard Chiropractic Consult

A Standard Chiropractic Consult involves taking a brief medical history and/or injury report with appropriate neurological and orthopaedic tests as well as manual adjustment of the spine and any relevant extremities.


Extended Chiropractic Consult with Graston Technique

An Extended Chiropractic Consult is usually required with more complex issues or when further soft tissue therapy is required. Dr Graham utilises Graston Technique to get the best results for his patients in the shortest amount of time.


Activator Method Chiropractic

Activator Method Chiropractic is a gentle and precise way of applying direct force to areas of the spine that require adjustment without the body requiring full manipulation. This method is particularly suitable for young children and the elderly.


Graston Technique

Graston Technique is an innovative, patented form of soft tissue therapy that assists in breaking down scar tissue and muscle restrictions. Dr Graham utilises Graston Technique to complement his musculoskeletal-focused Chiropractic adjustments.


Manual Chiropractic Adjustment

A Manual Chiropractic Adjustment involves very precise pressure being applied to the spine in a specific way, depending on the technique used. Dr Graham prefers manual adjustments and also utilises a specially designed chiropractic table and activator.


Kinesio and Rock Taping


Dry Needling


Trigger Point Therapy


Active Release Technique