We don’t want you to feel as though we’re strangers, so please come and meet our highly skilled team of health professionals:

Dr Graham Rock
B.H.Sc. Chiropractic B.Chiro, B.Sc.(Chiro), B.Sc.(Human Biology)

Be it a suffocating Melbourne 40 degree day or a chilly foothills winter freeze-a-thon, you will find our supreme leader in his long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Should you be first client of the day, you will quite likely witness Graham’s spectacular macchiato making skills, and he may even regale you with tales of his younger years as a skater boi and Hip hop maverick DJ. Word. (He actually won’t, though.)

Dr Graham, like all our practitioners, is a manual-adjusting Chiropractor who uses multiple techniques and modalities, including soft tissue techniques, to get the best result for his patients during their appointment.

Graham is a great Dad to three gorgeous children, and finds his balance while out cycling, or sipping a cheeky gin in his down time.

Business Director

Yvette Willison
Business Director

Taking her coffee black, Yvette is one of those eternally positive yet real humans, who balances her keen business acumen with a warmth and approachability that is, frankly, very alluring.

Loving all things food, this mother of the 3 aforementioned cherubs she shares with Dr Graham is/was a mad keen netballer, basketballer, and gardener.

Yvette is excited by the notion of self-sufficiency and if her general enthusiasm towards her otherwise unproductive home veggie patch continues, she may get there one day. Held together with black coffee, sushi and sparkly eye shadow, it is from Yvette that the warm glow of the studio originates.


Dr Erin Ponton
B.H.Sc. Chiropractic,
M. Clinical Chiropractic

Genuinely interested in people and their many differences, Chiro Erin is also an animal lover. She enjoys walking her beautiful fur babies, golden retriever Millie, and Maltese cross Rebel, and has a propensity for animal print. Her exuberant energy ensures her ability to balance mum life to Lottie, shopping with girlfriends, and her career.

More often than not, one can hear Erin coming via her walk and her laugh. Her other loves include partner Michael, baking addictive caramel slice, fashion, coconut lattes, Keeping up with the Kardashians and trash TV in general. On weekends, Erin can occasionally be found on the end of an espresso martini. Because balance is everything.


Dr Jake McPherson
B. Health Science, B. Applied Science (Chiropractic)

A fellow who loves his gym sessions, Jake lives and breathes our movement ethos. Although we suspect he could have been a shoe in as an easy going, strong silent type in Hollywood, our burger loving Jake will be the first in line for Movement Studio Mooloolaba when we branch out.

In his downtime, the guy just keeps moving, walking Harley the Rottweiler and sporting a notable collection of Hawaiian shirts. Helping people escape from pain is the part of his career that he loves the most. Jake prefers his caffeine intake in the form of pre-workout and an extra coffee would have him bouncing off the walls (or through them…)


Dr Tianna Buick
B. Health Science, B. Applied Science (Chiropractic)

Joining our crew in March, Ti is our newest team member! She drinks Tea, Chai and Hot chocolate, which is not coffee, but we took a vote and decided that we’ll allow it. A pocket energy ball, she’s an ex-competing/ international cheer athlete, and currently trains at BodyFit Montmorency.

If you need a bit of a pick me up, it probably won’t hurt if you ask for a cheering routine, for therapeutic purposes, of course. We could swear we’ve seen Ti actually sparkle while in the commission of her work.

Remedial Massage Therapist

Tara Blair
Dip. Remedial Massage

Our Insta/TikTok reel queen/marketing star and Remedial Massage therapist, Tara keeps us hip to the now.

A traditional coffee and cream kind of girl, this basketballer (currently playing for North East Bushrangers), mum and partner just gets in and gets it done. No mess, no fuss.

Yes, yes she IS the kind of person you want to have around during a Zombie Apocalypse/Spartan Race/Life in General.

Front of House

Jane Sartori

With her signature pink-hued hair, home exerciser, mum of 3 and wife to 1, Jane is a Human BS-detector. You’ve been warned, ne’er-do-wells.

Her desert-dry wit and salt of the earth nature are just the tonic when the world gets too full of drear and silliness. This lady drinks coffee in buckets and adult beverages however they come.

Front of House

Charli Raaymakers

Our resident Gen Z fashionista socialite, Charli is bubbly, full of ideas and easy to have a chat with.

She’s studying Exercise Science at Uni and completing her Personal Training certification. Great with kids, she has a wonderful can-do vibe, and generally jumps in to help wherever she can.

Front of House

Georgia Fuller

Our super-cluey, super-chill, vegan weather forecaster (G has some height!) is new around the studio but will be quickly added to the Greatest Hits playlist.

Studying psychology, and previously slinging lattes and pints in hospo, she’s dealt with people from all walks of life and now gets to hang with the Movement fam; but her coffee order is just… well, it’s an iced oat milk dirty chai. Let’s just say she knows what she wants and doesn’t care who judges her. We sure don’t.


Lisa Vanderzee
BHSc (Musculoskeletal Therapy)

Lisa is returning to the Movement Studio fold after having her second child. She’s the strong, genuinely caring, silent type, balanced with a Foo Fighters neck tattoo just to shake it up a touch. In fact, I suspect she may fight foo just as effectively as Dave Grohl himself.

We don’t hold her love of a good chai against her. She is looking forward to her house being fully renovated very soon…(so, like, in 73 years).

Front of House

Leah Gaissl

Recently out of the nest and in her first home, Leah is mum to fur baby Lucy and is studying Chiropractic at RMIT. She loves a good Oodie or cable knit, which is really rather sensible come winter time in the foothills.

Although you’d never pick it to look at her, Leah is a closet adrenaline junkie. A soy chai drinker, we keep her around anyway because she’s so gosh darn lovely.

Front of House

Mel Bates

Resident mystic and earth mother, Mel gets her version of movement for life in her lush, fertile garden.

Having converted her to coffee, Mel uses the extra zing up on The Mountain and is always on the lookout to add to her collection of incredible things and stuff.

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